3 Ways Cloud Services can Help Employees Improve Customer Service

3 Ways Cloud Services can Help Employees Improve Customer Service

Technology that enables proactive customer care won’t be sitting on local machines much longer. Faster service delivery, accessible-everything from any device, and the latest in security solutions will all live and work in the cloud.

Employees are increasingly mobile and don’t necessarily want to be tethered to desk or kiosk computer. The data they rely on needs to be at their fingertips, literally. Providing employees with a single source of information that is accessible virtually anywhere helps them make better, faster decisions.

3 ways cloud services can help employees improve customer service

  1. Invest in the customer experience—Cloud services can simultaneously allow companies to keep both current and solvent. Adopting smarter, more affordable solutions could help free up money to offer better services and products to customers. For instance, the less you spend on IT infrastructure, the more you can spend on research and development or hiring more customer-care employees.
  1. Access and share employee know-how—Employees can use their devices of choice wherever they are, so they stay connected to the company’s knowledge base and subject-matter experts even while onsite with a customer. Empower them with the confidence to answer customer questions with accuracy and speed.
  1. Inspire employee and customer confidence—Imagine what your employees could accomplish with instant and secure access to the files, colleagues, and knowledge bases that help them succeed in their roles. A job well done can inspire your employees to feel better about performance and productivity, which can translate to positive customer experiences.

Finnair, the largest airline in Finland and the fifth oldest airline in the world, found a way to improve employee and customer experiences by migrating their infrastructure to cloud services. Since the transition, Finnair reports reduced costs by eliminating software upgrades, a boost in workforce engagement through cloud-based social networking, and more efficient, secure workflows through Microsoft Office 365 business-class email. Read the full story about the benefits of Finnair’s cloud migration.