Mission and Values


We are a team-oriented group of community-minded professionals that serves our customers by guiding them through the constant change that occurs with information technology; this is to ensure our customers always have the best tools available to them.

We are committed to building strong partnerships and effectively communicating with our customers.  We will grow through continuous learning from our shared experiences which will help us improve our product and service delivery and exceed our customer’s expectations

Company Values

Each of our team members will be client centric and empowered to provide the right choices for our clients. Our services may at times require us to direct a client elsewhere for a solution that is not part of our service offering. We will be focused on what we do and excel in those areas in lieu of trying to be everything to everyone and diluting our capability. We will hold our team accountable to doing what is right for our clients and maintain integrity both as individuals and as a company.

Aberdean is committed to the principals we believe are vital for us to succeed. It is our foundation that will allow us to become a strategic, innovative professional services organization. Our existing client base and the new clients we add to our business, will provide the foundation that will enable us to work on longer-term initiatives where we can provide greater value to all of our clients. It is our commitment to our foundation that will provide us the stability we need to manage and grow the business.

Our organization was developed to be strategic in the area of working with others who innovate. We will use innovation and the deployment of new technologies to solve business problems. We want to be the professional services organization that takes the path less traveled to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. These solutions may be traditional in nature, in other situations they may be cutting edge, or evolving technologies or business models, which can solve unique problems. The basic goal will be to provide our clients with the best fitting strategic solution.

Personal Satisfaction
It is our objective to provide a challenging and rewarding work place for our team members. We are also committed to the satisfaction that our clients will gain knowing that we have their interest at heart. Our organization’s core is comprised of individuals whom are stakeholders in our firm. Each of which is vested in our long-term success. Our growth will include internal training to develop our own technical and business development resources. In addition, like other professional service firms, each of our team members will be challenged to develop personal, business and technical goals. We measure our member accomplishments through a peer review process, which will provide us the necessary feedback and coaching that our team will need in order to achieve our client, corporate and individual goals. We believe in providing internal career tracks for Aberdean team members and we are committed to empowering our team members to pursue their personal goals as they will make our organization stronger and enable us to realize the goals and objectives that Aberdean was founded on.

Community Service
Our organization and the team members of Aberdean are encouraged and rewarded to make community service a personal goal and company goal. We will work with our clients to donate technology to disadvantaged families. We have a number of clients that are non-profit organizations and are very important parts of our community. We actively do our part to give back to the community and are an active sponsor of events, to include encouraging our team members to donate time to support a charitable organization. This is a great way for our organization to extend and network in the community and for people to learn about the caliber of our team. By growing our company, we plan to provide new careers for people who want to join our organization.

We have respect for our clients and their needs, as well as the Aberdean team members and our associated partners, advisory board and our team members’ families. We are committed to our goals for the long-term and we will not jeopardize our long-term growth for short-term gain. Team members of Aberdean will have input into the decision making process that shapes changes we make to our service delivery organization. Our decision making process will be consistently applied to all facets of our operations.

The core value of leadership is critical to the ongoing success of Aberdean. For our company to grow and scale the organization and to expand our service delivery or customer support initiatives; we need to develop leaders throughout the organization. Leadership is also critical to the services we bring to market. It is our desire to be a market leader and to earn a number one position ranking for the delivery of the solutions we provide. To become number one, we have to continue to ask ourselves the tough questions, such as what is required to take our organization to the next level? How do we become number one? What strategic and tactical efforts are needed for us to become number one? Companies like ours will be tested over time to make changes to the way we do business. In the current business climate, a business model needs to last eighteen months. We need to develop the organization over time to have leaders, leaders will help our organization make the modifications required over time to make planned changes to the way we do business, so we can continue to be market leaders. We will not become number one unless we obsess about becoming number one!