Data Protection / Recovery and Endpoint Security



Data is the heart of your business. We work with customers to design and implement a comprehensive data protection solution using industry best-practices and best-in-class software.


Every customer presents a new and unique scenario, so we begin with a standardized process that one of our Solution Experts then tunes to fit the needs of your business, be it a fully automated cloud, hybrid-cloud, traditional on-premises backup or a combination solution.


Our data protection services include alerts and automated ticket creation for backup issues when they arise.





The survival rate for organizations that do not have a disaster protection and recovery plan is less than 10%! Beginning your disaster recovery plan can be a daunting task, and we will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that is as unique as your business. We help you define your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) to ensure that when a disaster does strike, your business is protected and prepared.


Our backup solution provides our clients with both a local and cloud backup. Since 2007 we have tested our client’s backups to verify the data is recoverable while we are doing network maintenance. We took this to another level in 2014 when we started offering full test restores of our clients’ server backups/networks in our lab and/or in the cloud. This provides clients with peace of mind that their backups work and are recoverable. It also provides continual experience for our technical team members about the process and procedures required so that we are not learning about the recovery process after you have experienced a disaster.




Our endpoint protection approach has changed as emerging threats and cloud capabilities have expanded during the last fifteen years. We provide defense-in-depth for your computers with a layer approach to protecting your workstations. Recent independent studies reflect that 50% of anti-virus products cannot protect your computers effectively from the various threats alone, which reinforces the need for the approach we adopted in 2015.


We provide our endpoint security package as a bundled service that is not sourced from one vendor.  This approach combined with asset management software provides an end-to-end solution for us to manage the lifecycle of your computers and to ensure your computers are patched and protected.  The recent increase in IT supply-chain attacks further validates our approach of implementing technologies from different vendors. This provides added safeguards compared to the traditional tools of most Managed Services Providers, who source their solution from one vendor.

“We have been working with Aberdean since 2010. They seek to understand our challenges/problems before making recommendations, which is something we value in our partnership. We have continued to rely on them for more services the longer we work together. It is clear to us that they have our best interest in mind and are flexible in they’re approach.”


-Peter Gerry

Princeton Club

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