With so many people working remotely with the COVID-19 situation and facing new challenges with group collaboration, we wanted to provide some education about how to leverage other free Microsoft tools that are already available to you via Office 365. 


We have brought in Nancy Kruschke from Successful Organizing Solutions, a Certified Microsoft Trainer, to provide you with training to help you learn about these tools and share some insights about how you can innovate and reclaim some of your time during this challenging time. 


Nancy is certified in both Microsoft Outlook and OneNote and has over 20 years of training others how to make the most of the tools they already own.

Microsoft Webinars

Advanced OneNote

Thursday, August 27, 2020 – 12:00 PM CST


OneNote Microsoft’s digital notebook helps you keep information and projects organized.  The webinar will take a deeper dive into a few OneNote features to help you maximize the benefits of using OneNote.


Learn more about:

  • Tags
  • Files
  • Tables
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Manage Your Tasks Anywhere

The Power of the Microsoft To Do App
Thursday, September 24, 2020 – 12:00 PM CST


The webinar will be an in depth look at the Microsoft To Do App. Wish you could view and mange ALL your tasks anywhere, anytime? Then this webinar is for you.


Learn how to:

  • Access the app
  • Navigate in the app
  • Modify settings
  • Add and manage tasks and lists

Successful Project Task Management

Meet Microsoft Planner
Thursday, October 22, 2020 – 12:00 PM CST


The webinar will take a deeper look at the Microsoft Planner App. Do you want an easy way to capture, update, and track the status of ALL project tasks? Then this webinar is for you.


Learn how to:

  • Access the app
  • Navigate in the app
  • Add, manage, and assign tasks

Outlook Productivity Hacks

Outlook is the application most people use with Microsoft Exchange email and other email services.


It is a powerful tool, and Nancy will be sharing some Hacks to get more of your time back.


Studies show that employees spend over 30% of their workday on email.


This session offers Productivity Hacks for Microsoft Outlook to help you reclaim up to 160 hours per year or 20 workdays.



  • Automate processes
  • Group like messages
  • Find message quickly
  • Eliminate un-important messages
  • Reduce interruptions


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Collaborate with OneNote

OneNote is a free application from Microsoft released over 17 years ago.


It integrates with all of the other Microsoft Office applications and can be a resource you can leverage for keeping you and your projects/responsibilities organized.


Nancy will share many of the most common features of OneNote to help you better understand how you can incorporate OneNote into your arsenal to tools you use.



  • Organize and capture information
  • Document Best Practices and Standards
  • Build Templates for Routine Tasks
  • Notebook and OneNote Page Sharing
  • OneNote Integrations with Other Apps


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Hosting Live Events via Teams
(Utilizing Microsoft Forms and Power Automate) – 2 Sessions

Hosting a Teams Live Event

This session will focus on:

  • How to Create a Live Event
  • How to Produce and Moderate a Live Event
  • Moderating Q&A in a Live Event
  • Recording and Managing your Video Content with Microsoft Streams


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Using Microsoft Forms and
Power Automate for Live Events

This session will focus on:

  • Microsoft Forms and Power Automate Overview
  • Using Microsoft Forms and Power Automate to Automate the Live Event Registration Process
  • Creating the iCal calendar invites to be sent to Registered Attendees
  • Using Microsoft Forms to collect event feedback


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Fast Track to using
Microsoft Teams

In that last two weeks, with more people working remotely, Microsoft has seen a surge in the daily users of Microsoft Teams with over 44,000,000 million users.  We want to provide a brief overview of what you need to know to get started.



  • What is Microsoft Teams
  • Quick Start for
    • Teams Chat
    • Teams Meetings
    • Creating Teams
    • Internal and External Collaboration
    • Teams Administration


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Remote Office/Home Office
Personal Security Discussion

Research over the last few years indicate home networks are not secure.  We want to share some insights with your team about things they can do to make their home network more secure and to keep your company secure.


Most people are unaware that 83% of routers connected to the internet are vulnerable to Malware.  Most of these routers are the ones people use in their homes.



  • Securing your Home Network
    • Router/Wireless
    • Personal Computer
  • Online Security
    • Password Management and Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Personal Email


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