Free On-Site IT Audit

Please call us at 608.204.9620 or complete this form to see if you qualify for a free network audit.


The network audit allows Aberdean to examine the current state of your network so we can understand how your systems are configured.


Our goal ahead of performing an audit is to understand your business requirements. We will coordinate a meeting ahead of the audit to learn about your goals and objectives. We examine the existing network configuration and provide our findings in a report at the conclusion of the audit process.


We invest a significant amount of time, approximately 12 to 20 hours in the network audit process. If your network is a single location and has three or fewer servers, the audit is performed on a complimentary basis. Larger networks require more time to audit, so we typically complete those at a reduced fee.


We do not make any changes to your system when we audit it. We will provide insight on what information we need you to collect ahead of time for us to complete the audit. If we observe any issues that require immediate attention, we will share this with you at the conclusion of our audit.


If you agree to an audit, we do execute a network audit agreement to ensure we have a confidentiality agreement with your firm ahead of performing the audit.


Please call our office at 608-204-9620 if you have any questions.


Thanks for your consideration!