How secure is your online activity?


How secure is your online activity?

In recognition of Cyber Security Month, it’s important for us all to evaluate our online activity to make sure that our personal and financial information and identities, in general, are protected.

The article linked below provides some great tips to do just that, including:

  • Use complex passwords that contain numbers, symbols, and text
  • Think twice about sharing personal information
  • Keep your software up to date
  • When in doubt, don’t share information

Cyber Security Awareness: Are You Protected?

By Vicki Hinze, Social in DC

Individuals have more latitude about what they disclose online and make available to the public than do writers and others whose objective in putting information online is business-related.  There’s a myth that this alone makes one safer from identity theft, stalking and other intrusions, but it does not and they are not.

This month, contacted me with information on cyber security awareness, myths and tips, and because this issue impacts all of us who use devices like the Internet on our computers, laptops, tablets and phones, we should heed the awareness month opportunity and double our resolve to protect ourselves. Read more …