Management and Governance

Aberdean’s Consulting Services team is comprised of highly skilled individuals with many years, and in some cases, decades of industry experience. This diverse ensemble of professionals allows us to provide you with a deep, holistic picture of your technology systems.


Our team can work as a supplement to your internal technical resources or as your full Information Technology provider at any level of the organization. In addition to service desk and project work we can also provide your organization with a CTO/CIO to champion a new technology initiative or simply to augment your management staff and provide a fresh perspective.


For example, our team meets weekly to review processes and to stay current and connected with each other on the technical and operational things we need to do to improve our operations and efficiency to the benefit of our clients. We continually challenge the status quo for how things are done in our industry, and by our team, to ensure we are changing to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We review many things in our weekly operations and tech night meetings, which others in our industry might think are mundane or not necessary. For instance, we discuss our Client Red Flags knowledgebase each week, noting the changes that have occurred. We also review all user transactions by username as well.


Our team is 100% peer-reviewed by each other. Everyone on our team has a stake in the success we have with our clients and contributes from a bottom-up perspective related to where we can improve our processes and procedures.


In summary, where there is friction, there is the potential for something to be improved and/or refined to make the client experience better. Our team benefits from this, but more importantly, as our client you benefit when Aberdean supports your company.

“We have worked with Aberdean for more than 10 years and they have always provided excellent advice and guidance throughout our business relationship.”


-Tom Still, President

Wisconsin Technology Council

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