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Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed IT and network solution that simplifies the process of managing your network and devices through next-generation hardware and software. Meraki lets Aberdean monitor, troubleshoot, and update your network and devices all from the cloud.


Meraki is also a complete wireless and firewall solution, which means world-class security is implemented across every layer of the network.


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Is Cisco Meraki only for large businesses?

Meraki is designed to benefit all businesses and is a perfect solution for small to mid-sized businesses and their employees.


Management benefits from lower overall operating costs, reduced IT time, and easier access to network and device analytics.


Employees benefit from faster IT response times, more reliable network access, and the peace of mind that their device is as secure when working from home as in the office.

Which Meraki products does Aberdean offer?

We offer the complete line of Meraki products, including:


  • Wireless LAN: The industry standard for easy-to-manage, fast, and dependable Wi-Fi.
  • Network Switching: Uncompromising performance and reliability at the heart of your network.
  • Security and SD-WAN: Protect and securely connect what matters most, regardless of location.
  • Smart Cameras: Protect your people and assets with intuitive video and analytics.
  • Mobile Device Management: Remote monitoring and identity-based configuration for all your devices.

Why should my business work with Aberdean for Cisco Meraki solutions?


CISCO Meraki Partner logoAberdean Consulting is a Cisco Meraki Partner and a Cisco Partner.


Over 100 of our customers use Cisco Meraki to increase network security and control while saving time and money.


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