Microsoft unveils Sway

Microsoft unveils Sway

Microsoft recently introduced Sway, the first new Microsoft Office program in a decade. Sway offers users the ability to instantly create presentations that are accessible on any browser and device.

Microsoft’s taking an interesting approach to marketing Sway. They’re primarily targeting the more than 1 billion people worldwide who have smartphones but not computers.

Currently, an invitation is needed to access the program. Microsoft is gathering user feedback, and using that to help dictate when Sway’s public debut will happen. However, users won’t need an Office 365 subscription to use Sway after its launch.

Meet Sway, Microsoft’s first new Office app in a decade


Microsoft unveiled a new application Wednesday for creating and sharing documents across devices. It’s called Sway, and it offers users the ability to instantly create slick-looking presentations viewable on any Web browser and device.

A “Sway,” Microsoft says, is “an interactive, Web-based canvas that brings your ideas to life.” It’s designed so that “you’re always done” — images and text boxes are arranged and rearranged on the page automatically as they’re added, maintaining a presentation-ready format.

The effect is striking. During a demonstration this week, photos and text dragged into a Sway document immediately took on the look of a professionally produced brochure. Read more …