Quality Assurance


We have developed robust internal standards for the work we do for customers based on our extensive experience and industry best practices. These standards form the core of our internal auditing and verification processes to ensure you receive accurate and consistent support every time.


Since 2015 Aberdean has audited all client projects, and this provides benefits for our clients’ businesses. Every project presents a myriad of challenges and making sure we get it right is the best way to serve our clients. We provide complete transparency of the process, with a goal for 100% of our projects to meet our internal standards. By auditing projects, we make sure the work is complete.


Due to the success, we obtained by auditing project work, we extended the audit process to include to the maintenance we do for client networks, as well as the User and Computer Setup process. In addition, the User Setup and Computer Setup process is customized to our clients’ businesses, which greatly streamlines these transactions. Overall, our company continues to grow and add new clients, but we are seeing an overall decrease in Service Tickets (reactive requests for help) since 2018.

“Over the past 16 years we have forged a successful relationship with Aberdean. No issue is too big or too small for their team. We count of them to keep our network, and crucial technology systems, running smoothly. They do ‘IT’ well.”


-Jeff Kuchenbecker, Partner

Meicher CPAs

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