Aberdean offers a wide range of managed services to our customers. By combining best-in-class technology with our stellar operations and management team we can deliver a phenomenal user experience that will empower you to keep your focus where it belongs – on growing your business.


Programmed Maintenance

Aberdean Programmed Maintenance is at the heart of our managed services portfolio. In addition to the  necessary and routine review and application of software updates, disk checks and log reviews our comprehensive, proactive service is designed to ensure that we are always providing you with an accurate report on the true health of your business each and every month.


Monitor & Rescue

Aberdean Monitor & Rescue allows our team to react to any situations that arise within your systems often before they begin to adversely affect your business. Aberdean Rescue services are available to your organization 24x7x365 to efficiently and effectively resolve any problems you may encounter.


Data Protection

Data is the heart of your business. We work with customers to design and implement a comprehensive data protection solution using industry best-practices and best-in-class software.


Every customer presents a new and unique scenario so we begin with a standardized process that one of our Solution Experts then tunes to fit the needs of your business, be it a fully-automated cloud, hybrid-cloud, traditional on-premises backup or any solution combination in between!


Disaster Recovery

The survival rate for organizations that do not have a disaster protection and recovery plan is less than 10%! Beginning your disaster recovery plan can be a daunting task — we will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that is as unique as your business. We will help you define your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) to ensure that when a disaster does strike your business is protected and prepared.




Aberdean is ready to be your cloud partner. Whether you’re interested in migrating part or all your business-critical services to the cloud or looking to augment your on-prem systems with hybrid connectivity, we can help your business realize the promise of a truly connected future.


Microsoft Office 365

We are a Gold Certified Microsoft partner, having migrated, deployed, and managed hundreds of organizations to Office 365 since its inception. With nearly ten years of experience, we will make sure your team has access to a robust and versatile product offering that suits the needs of your business today and tomorrow.


Cloud Security

The threats to your business are always evolving. You need a dedicated team of professionals and best-in-class tools to ensure you, your team, and your data stay out of enemy hands. We use industry best practices and our real-world experience to ensure that your organization stays ahead of the curve. Our layered, cloud-first approach will help you protect your organization from threats both within and without.


Your Cloud-First World

Flexibility is the key to the modern workplace. We can help you and your team leverage industry-leading cloud technologies to stay efficient and productive, even when your team can’t stay in the same place. Across the country or across the world, with the right mix of hardware and software we can help your team stay connected and engaged.



Today’s technology can be used in many different ways. Our goal is to utilize our expertise to design comprehensive solutions for our customers that leverage new and emerging ideas while staying firmly rooted within industry standards and best-practices.


Product life-cycle management is a key component to our organization. We actively invest in research and development of new products and services to ensure that the solutions we can bring to you are not only appropriate, but best-in-breed performers. Through this process we evaluate, scrutinize and standardize our approach with these emerging technologies before it is approved for customer deployments. This process ensures that any solutions we recommend to you are fully supported and backed by our entire team and conforms to both our rigorous internal standards as well as industry best-practices.




We’ve developed robust internal standards for the work we do for customers based on our extensive experience and industry best-practices. These standards form the core of our internal auditing and verification processes that ensure you receive accurate and consistent support every time.



Aberdean’s Consulting Services team is comprised of highly skilled individuals with many years, and in some cases, decades of industry experience. This diverse ensemble of professionals allow us to provide you with a deep, holistic picture of your technology systems.


Our team can work as a supplement to your internal technical resources or as your full Information Technology provider at any level of the organization. In addition to service desk and project work we can also provide your organization with a CTO/CIO to champion a new technology initiative or simply to augment your management staff and provide a fresh perspective.