Managed Services

Aberdean offers a wide range of managed services to our customers. By combining best-in-class technology with our stellar operations and management team we can deliver a phenomenal user experience that will empower you to keep your focus where it belongs – on growing your business.

Programmed Maintenance

Aberdean Programmed Maintenance is at the heart of our managed services portfolio. In addition to the  necessary and routine review and application of software updates, disk checks and log reviews our comprehensive, proactive service is designed to ensure that we are always providing you with an accurate report on the true health of your business each and every month.

 Monitor & Rescue

Aberdean Monitor & Rescue allows our team to react to any situations that arise within your systems often before they begin to adversely affect your business. Aberdean Rescue services are available to your organization 24x7x365 to efficiently and effectively resolve any problems you may encounter.